The Nabatean Column 

This Nabatean Column is the only remaining example of its kind in Syria, as well as being a particularly striking example of Nabatean art. Only the upper part and the capital is now visible, since the rest is hidden by modern constructions which enclose it. What can be seen rerveals a simplicity and harmony of style typical of Nabatean architecture.At a distance of 100 m to the east of this column we find the ruins of Roman temples and sanctuaries. In this same area are other Nabatean remains as well as some lovely Corinthian columns, ornamentally niched. We may also view the ruins of a small mosque dating back to 305 / 917 called "Jami' Al-Mubarak" or the Blessed Mosque.

The Nabatean Gate

 This gate is also the only example of its type in Syria. Even at Petra there is nothing quite like it. It is a fine example of local Arab architecture uninfluenced by Roman style. It is unfortunate that the debris of houses abutting this gate is still an obstacle to a detailed study. according to some scholars, this would be the main entrance to the palace in which the Nabatean king Rabbel II resided. The gate displayed an arcaded style of solid construction, above which is a single, high, and wide entrance. Above each of its sculptural style resembles that at Petra with, in addition, a certain Greco-Roman influence.






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